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Multi- talented Meleana Brown performs Gospel, Hawaiian, Classical Opera, Ballads, Pop and R&B nationally & internationally. In 2010 Meleana was the opening act for Grammy-winning Bruno Mars in Honolulu. Meleana Brown was born and raised in Hawaii, part Filipino, Hawaiian, African-American and Portuguese.

Meleana comes from a talented family. Her cousin is Nicole Scherzinger, former lead singer of the Pussy Cat Dolls and her sister is Christina Brown of High School Musical on TV and also has a hit song on Billboard charts. Meleana performed alongside Celine Dion’s renowned violinist, Roddy Chung, at a benefit concert in LA. In 2012.

Meleana auditioned for Duets on ABC TV and within hours she was singing on national TV alongside nine-time grammy winner, John Legend. The first week she shot up to number 1!! She went on to travel all over the world singing as a featured vocalist on the high seas for a luxury cruise liner. A TV show called Hawaii Stars was Meleana’s first TV appearance. She was the tiny teen with the big voice. Back in 2003, Meleana was one of the top 12 finalists on the popular TV show, American Idol, in a season that featured Grammy & Academy Award-winning Jennifer Hudson, and Season Three winner, Fantasia.

After 10 years of singing on the Navatek, a dinner cruise that cruises Waikiki, Hollywood was calling Meleana. So, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. “Music has the power to lift hearts and inspire” says Meleana. New Hope Church, on the island of Oahu, is where Meleana started singing with other members of her family. Meleana was homeschooled along with her two sisters and two brothers. She lived in Japan with her family and put together a Hawaiian show and performed at various venues. Years later Meleana performed at Tokyo’s Zepp Theater in Odaiba, where she was booked as a “Hawaiian Gospel” act. She brought the house down.

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